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Time for bye bye... posted on 10/16/2008

With the Atlanta Falcons having their bye week in week seven, the team has a much deserved rest. But it actual comes at a bad time, unlike previous years. In years past, it seemed the team would go into their bye all banged up, and they needed the rest to get healthy. But this year with very few injuries, and with wide receiver Laurent Robinson and defensive lineman James Jefferson back at full participation at practice, the bye might seem to occur at a bad time. With the Falcons jumping out of the gate with a 4-2 record, no one saw this coming, not even their biggest fan, me.The Falcons are on a roll winning two in a row, and hopefully the bye week will not cost the team because they are playing so well.

Every player all the way down to the last string that might play 2-minutes of live action is important. So please stay out of trouble. Lawyer Milloy, be smart for the team. We need you buddy!!! I do not want to wake up and read you got pulled over again. Not saying you can't drink, but just do it in your home. For 'Matty Ice,' I read where you are going to see some of your Boston College teammates, be safe. You have given me hope for this team this year and for years to come. Roddy White, don't think too much. Rest your brain, we do not need a concussion during this time of rest. Michael Turner, ice your ankles and knees and place heating pads on your shoulders. The team is going to need you down the stretch to run out the clock. And last, head coach Mike Smith. Whatever you are doing, keep doing it.

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Drive home safely, Atlanta wins!!!!!! posted on 10/13/2008

From the voice of the Falcon's radio booth, Wes Durham summed up this game perfectly when he stated "Drive home safely, Atlanta wins"! All the credit goes to both teams and coaches for a well fought game. Quarter back Matt Ryan put up his best yards thrown as an NFL starter with 301 yards. The game started out very well for Atlanta with the birds moving the ball with ease on the 4th ranked rush defense in the league. It was difficult for running back Michael Turner to get his legs moving with the Bears stout front line. So, Ryan had to take matters into his own hands and go by air. Throwing the ball worked perfectly in between the 20's, but once the Falcons got to the redzone, the drives seemed to stall. That is where the foot of kicker Jason Elam came into play. Elam was 5 for 6 kicking, with the lone miss which was crucial that let the Bears back into the ballgame with quarter back Kyle Orton throwing the go ahead touchdown to wide receiver Rashied Davis with 11 seconds on the clock. Right about this time I threw my recliner pillow on the floor and said, "Not again, this always happens to Atlanta." Boy was I wrong.

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New beginning for Falcons: 2008 resembles Super Bowl team posted on 10/08/2008

I know I haven't written on my blog in a long time. Lets just say I had an extended vacation to savor the unexpected start of the Falcons for the 2008 season. Forget anthing I said previously in any of my posts about any of the players or coaches. The entire organization has caught me by surprise, and it is a good surprise.

Unlike in previous years under Jim Mora, Jr. and Bobby Petrino, this team actually looks like a football team. Head coach Mike Smith and the coordinators are actually calling plays to try to win a game, and three out of five is not bad for a team that was projected in the off season to only win one game.

The best off season acquisition for the Falcons in recent memory has to be this year's top rusher Michael Turner. He leads the league with 543 yards on 103 carries, while stepping into the end zone 6 times. His yards per average isn't that bad either at 5.3 per carry. One of the reasons for his success can be contributed to the offensive line that has held up really well. Turner also stays low to the ground while his legs keep moving forward.

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Kicking woes continue posted on 08/14/2008

With the start of the 2008 season upon us and the 2007 season in the rearview mirror, there is one constant that has remained the same after the loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars. The kicking game hasn't improved after one preseason game. The Falcons lost to the Jaguars last season due to missed field goals, and true was the case last Saturday. Yes, Jason Elam is a dynamic kicker, and his resume illustrates that. Maybe it was partly due to penalties by the offense, because both of Elam's misses came after negative yard plays. Hopefully the remainder of the preseason and into the regular season the kicking game will become 'just put up three on the scoreboad' because Elam will become automatic between the posts.

In other news:

The Michael Vick era has come and gone with the arrival of quarterback Matt Ryan. Ryan had a 105.7 passer rating while completing 9-15 passes for 113 yards and one touchdown. One might say it is only preseason. Yes, that is correct. But watching the game and seeing the poise and confidence Ryan displayed while under center with the Jaguars first team defense on the field has to make you feel good for the future. Ryan's confidence is only going to grow with the more reps and playing time he gets.

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Big Daddy Jackson lands back in Atlanta posted on 07/30/2008

According to a report on on Tuesday,  11-year veteran defensive lineman Grady Jackson has signed a one-year deal to play for the birds once again. After having success with the Falcons in 2006 under then coach Jim Mora, he was abruptly released in the middle of the 2007 season by then disgruntled coach Bobby Petrino. Labeled by Petrino "as a football decision", Jackson acknowledged on Tuesday with an interview with that Petrino "just didn't know football." Jackson stated there was no other place he wanted to be once Mike Smith signed on to lead the team. Last year when Jackson was released, the Jacksonville Jaguars under then defensive coordinator Smith signed Jackson for the remainder of the year. Jackson helped lead the Jags into the second round of the playoffs where they lost to the New England Patriots.

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